Sijie Wang


I'm an Interaction Designer / Prototyper living in San Francisco. I believe design is a logical practice. I'm passionate about exploring new technology for cool user experience.

Away from computers, I'm an active scuba diver (PADI Rescue Diver). I enjoy having my mind blown again and again by the fascinating underwater creatures.


  • I joined Google in 2011, currently working on the new Android TV project. My previous projects include the DoubleClick product line for enterprise users and AdWords.
  • Before Google, I had experience in designing and building websites for NGOs, companies and individuals.


  • I did my MSc degree in Human Computer Interaction, focusing on multi-touch and tangible interfaces. I was particularly interested in how people solve problems differently with the two types of interfaces (thesis).
  • During the development of the experimental instruments, I investigated how to implement a low-cost large multi-touch surface that's also capable of recognizing physical objects.


I did my MSc degree under the supervision of Dr. Alissa Antle at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University, and the BEng degree from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University.

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